Idea Management Software for Lean Organizations

Organizations which have implemented Lean philosophies have learned to recognize that their brain trust not only resides at the management, engineering, and technical levels, but at the entry levels too. Although innovative ideas that can save millions of dollars are not common at the entry level, simple and effective ideas that can save $100-$1000 or can eliminate wasteful processes and shave valuable time off procedures are plentiful. The Lean theory is simple: the implementation of many small improvements can yield one large collective benefit.

Kaizen-Teian (Japanese for Improvement Suggestions) has made companies like Toyota, Honda, and Sony very successful. Their ability to empower their associates to continually improve their work areas has made them leaders in their fields and by far some of the most efficient organizations in the world.

We work with INCENT who has developed the Idea Development System (iDS : pronounced “ideas”) to assist organizations with the implementation of Lean techniques in their organizations. iDS was designed to systematically prevent the pitfalls of the ordinary employee suggestion box, and to help facilitate the capture, collaboration, selection, evaluation and implementation of all the ideas in your brain trust. Together with its motivation and statistical tools, iDS is a complete solution which guarantees many years of continuous improvement success.

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